Deborah Blum - Murder and Chemistry .... Parallels with today’s prohibition of recreational drugs
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Very interesting interview.  I was struck by the bit about the use of methanol to deter industrial ethanol consumption.  We seem to have learned very little from the disaster that was ethanol prohibition.  The War on Drugs is doing far more damage than legal availability of those drugs would do as evidenced by jurisdictions which have reduced the penalties for or legalized recreational drug use.  The current legal and social treatment of tobacco and ethanol products should be models for how to deal with all currently illegal recreational drugs.  Tobacco and ethanol are, in fact, recreational drugs and are no less (and in some cases more) harmful to users’ health than drugs that are currently illegal.  Unless I had some health reason to use them, I wouldn’t personally use any of the currently illegal recreational drugs, but making them illegal instead of treating abuse of them as a medical and social issue has done far more damage than even just ignoring them as a problem would do.  Ethanol prohibition and the situations before, during and after it was in effect prove that point pretty conclusively.

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