Episode 78 - Neuroethics: Moral Issues From Synapse to Society, Part 1
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Part one of a two-part presentation featuring James Giordano, Director of the Center for Neurotechnology Studies at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies in Arlington, Virginia, and a researcher at the Wellcome Centre for Neuroethics of the University of Oxford.

On December 9, 2010, the Center for Inquiry – Transnational in Amherst, New York presented a lecture by James Giordano entitled “Neuroethics: Moral Issues from Synapse to Society.”

Neuroscientific inquiry into the brain has made large progress. It is already overthrowing common misconceptions about the mind and why people do what they do. he field of neuroethics is trying to deal with moral questions involved with new brain technologies, arising from both secular and non-secular worldviews. Dr.Giordano’s lecture examines these and other issues. He is introduced by John Shook, director of education at the Center for Inquiry.