This is what we are up against - Bush as Hitler
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Bush’s Absolute Power Grab
  By Carla Binion
  Consortium News

  Saturday 21 October 2006

Many Americans are in denial about what is happening to the United States. They don’t want to believe that a totalitarian structure could be put in place in their own country. They don’t want to view the various pieces of George W. Bush’s "anti-terror" system in that broad a context. They hope that someone or something - the Supreme Court maybe - will strike down the excesses of the Republican-controlled Congress and the Executive Branch.

Future generations will wonder why the U.S. Congress and mainstream press helped Bush build up an imperial presidency and eliminate Constitutional protections. If they’re able to sort through the administration’s fallacies and lies and clearly see what went wrong with America during this time, they’ll wonder why there were so few Molly Ivins’s, Keith Olbermann’s and Jonathan Turley’s.

Coming generations will also ask why by comparison there were so many who failed to notice the obvious holes in Bush’s logic and why so many turned a blind eye to his numerous false assertions and cruel policies. They’ll wonder why so many supported, whether by direct action or by silence, the Bush administration’s changing the fundamental nature of the democratic Republic we were given by America’s founders, based on the flimsy excuse of fighting a war on terrorism - a "war" Bush defines falsely and fights ineffectively.

Generations to come might ask why this president who lied so often, about Iraq and other critical matters, was ever entrusted with enough power to damage this country’s founding principles and wage endless, unprovoked war on other nations. If Congress and the media would ask these questions now, they might prevent Bush from doing further harm. This might save many lives, prevent much unnecessary suffering and possibly steer this country out of its present darkness.


Barry F. Seidman
Exec. Producer of Equal Time for Freethought

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Regarding the poll: How about “America is due for another civil war”?

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That is COMPLETELY different from what Ann Coulter says.  Now I don’t know who to believe!

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[quote author=“Jayhox”]That is COMPLETELY different from what Ann Coulter says.  Now I don’t know who to believe!


If the Democrats are able to win both houses in November they ought to impeach and prosecute. Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen.



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