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Wheat Grass Juice
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To begin with, the term “superfood” is scientifically meaningless, up there with “holistic” and “natural.” All foods have varying amounts of particular nutrients, and the overall pattern of dietary intake over time certainly has health implications, but the notion of “superfoods” is a bit of magical thinking not founded on sound nutritional science.

As for the specifics, most of the claims you make for wheat grass are widely promoted by advocates of alternative medicine and nutrition and not supported by reliable scientific evidence.

Here are a some reviews:
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
National Council Against health Fraud

As for specifics:
1. The structural similarities between chlorophyll and hemoglobin do not necessarily mean that chlorophyll is usefull in preventing or treating anemia or in maintaining a healthy hematocrit, and the evidence to support this theory isn’t strong. Quackwatch on chlorophyll Generally, healthy people do not need supplements or “superfoods” to remain healthy, just an appropriate balanced and healthy diet. And the idea that since some oxygen is good, more would be better is nonsense. Too much oxygen can be poisonous, like too much of anything else.
2. People don’t need “enzymes” from plants, or in the diet at all unless they have a particular enzyme deficiency disorder which is very rare. See THIS and THIS
3. Blood pH is very tightly regulated and should not be affected by foods in a healthy person, so I’m not sure what you mean by “super alkalinizing,” but if you are suggesting wheat grass changes the blood pH, that is highly unlikely and would be a big problem if it were true.

Likewise, the implication that these foods “cleanse” the blood or remove heavy metals is not supported by scientific evidence, the health benefits of algae are no better established than thse of wheat grass (e.g. THIS and THIS).

Maintaining and restoring the health of complex living organisms is a complex project, and in all of human history, only painstaking, rigorous scientific research has been able to make dramatic changes in our ability to do so successfully. Your comments seem copied directly from the advertising of alternative health sites, but to be taken seriously they need to be supported by high-quality, detailed scientific evidence. WIshful thinking does us no more good in medicine than it does in religion or any other area of human affairs.

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