2012 Real Estate boon for France
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French wine country

“Bugarach, population 189, is a peaceful farming village in the Aude region, southwestern France and sits at the foot of the Pic de Bugarach, the highest mountain in the Corbières wine-growing area.

“But in the past few months, the quiet village has been inundated by groups of esoteric outsiders who believe the peak is an ‘alien garage’.

“According to them, extraterrestrials are quietly waiting in a massive cavity beneath the rock for the world to end, at which point they will leave, taking, it is hoped, a lucky few humans with them.”

French village which will ‘survive 2012 Armageddon’ plagued by visitors

Is it wrong to profit off of the confused?  At least the Bugarach Mayor is thinking of stopping them.  But at least the confused have some taste, they chose the wine country in France, rather than the top of the Himalayas or some rough place.

One thing that all of the past end-of-the-world predictions has in common… the world is still here, so they’re all wrong.


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Is it wrong to profit off of the confused?

I suppose it depends on the con men and the message they’re peddling while they pass around the offering plate. Religions have been profiting…massively so…off of the confused for centuries and nobody seems to have a problem with it.

Okay, we have a problem with it, but most of us in this forum aren’t that confused.


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