Biblical Joints in the Joint
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Gotta hand it to those criminal elements.  They make good use of the “good book”  smile

Convicts use the Bible to roll joints, cigarettes
Everything from crab traps to raw chicken seized in prisons
By Chad Skelton, Vancouver Sun August 17, 2011

Prison guards have seized almost as many Bibles from B.C. inmates as porn magazines, according to government data obtained by The Vancouver Sun.

Federal prisoners are allowed to keep a religious text of their choice in their cell and can usually obtain a free Bible upon request from the prison chaplain.

However, Terry Hackett, director of operations for Corrections in B.C., said in an interview that some inmates have been caught using their Bibles for non-religious purposes.

“They use the paper to roll tobacco or marijuana ... or hollow them out and store contraband in there,” said Hackett. “Normally you’re allowed to have a Bible. But once you start using it for some other purpose, then that’s when [we] seize it.”


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