CFI Petitions FDA to Actually Regulate Homeopathy
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CFI and CSI have filed three separate petitions with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking that agency to address various aspects of the marketing of homeopathic drugs.

In its industry-wide petition, CFI and CSI request the FDA to initiate rulemaking that would require all over-the-counter homeopathic drugs to meet the same standards of effectiveness as non-homeopathic drugs. Although the FDA has the authority to require homeopathic drugs to undergo testing for effectiveness, it has to date declined to do so…

In separate petitions, CFI and CSI have specifically targeted homeopathic industry giant Boiron. These petitions ask the FDA to issue warning letters to Boiron regarding its marketing of Oscillococcinum, an alleged flu treatment…

The other Boiron-directed petition complains that Boiron’s web ad for Oscillococcinum misleadingly implies the drug has received FDA approval.

This CFI/CSI action dovetails nicely with the lawsuits against Boiron (for fake flu remedy and fake cold remedy). Of course, Boiron and even veterinary homeopaths are doing their fair share of suing too.

In an ideal world, I suppose, the failure of homeopathy in the domain of scientific evidence would be sufficient to constrain its use, but political and cultural reality is such that what should be essentially scientific disputes end up being adjudicated by the courts.


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Yes, this is a very good development. I seriously doubt it will result in any federal action, but every little bit counts.



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I can’t understand why this is not already being done. Most people I know who are not tuned into the issue just assume that anything on the shelf marketed as medicine is in fact regulated and approved. My elderly father, for one, bought an allergy remedy at Walmart that is homeopathic. When I noticed it on his shelf and pointed this out to him, he was completely puzzled. He didn’t know what homeopathic “medicine” is and had no idea that none of the claims on the bottle had been tested or verified. Of course, it says that in the tiny print but he can’t even see that!

Bravo to CFI!


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