Selective Responsibility
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Does anyone else think it’s weird that some religious people think you’re supposed to give thanks to God for all the good stuff that happens to you, but never blame God for any of the bad stuff that happens to you?

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Absolutely.  A recent example was Michelle Bachmann claiming that the environmental catastrophes were god’s punishment for people misbehaving.  I couldn’t help but notice that both the hurricane and the earthquake damaged Washington D.C.  Could it have been because of her obstructionist votes?  LOL



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Yeah, but God never did like that phallic symbol anyway.  tongue wink


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traveler - 11 September 2011 10:23 AM

Yeah, but God never did like that phallic symbol anyway.  tongue wink

I thought the quake was God’s response to the rumors about renaming the Washington Monument to “a Bill Clinton Tribute”.

To John76…
Again, someone points out the arrogance that constantly comes out in place of humility and respect that is my biggest problem with religion as a whole.



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