Episode 93 - The God Debates
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A stimulating lecture by John R. Shook, director of education and senior research fellow at the Center for Inquiry and visiting assistant professor of science education at the University at Buffalo. Shook is author of a 2010 book also titled The God Debates, and this presentation encapsulates many of the arguments from that work.

Debates about the existence of a god have never been louder, but what is really being said? Skeptics sometimes wonder whether the effort is worth it. However, debating the existence of a god (or gods!) remains crucial to the defense the nonreligious stance.

This presentation was given at the Center for Inquiry – Transnational in Amherst, New York, on February 18, 2011.


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What part of god both does and dosn’t exist at the same time do you not understand?  Just because something was imagined, it does not exist??  Is Science really dead?  Is Mickey Mouse really alive?  I dare you to establish a uniform method of testing!  Is Science significantly something more than an imagined method to explain and manage the phenomena of the universe?  Can Science directly prove its own merit and existence without its trail of technology, books, and institutions?  Weigh and measure that!...Then apply your same processes and methods to compare and contrast other man made ideas and stuff.  Your computer is basicly sand, plastic, imagination and applied knowledge! What is language and social structure? Does this chat forum really exist?...By getting real we can conciously and therefore more effectively deal with god, it’s issues and people.  Theism=Dogmatism Atheism=Dogmatism…  Secular Humanism has nowhere to run or hide except paradoxical equilibrium imaginatism.  Eupraxsophy bless America!