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Is ufology now a religion?
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Apparently, using the Freedom of Information act, someone got the list of a few thousand UFO reports to the Airforce.  The one I liked was the guy who reported that he must have been abducted during the night because when he woke, he had lost an hour.  It was then pointed out to him that he forgotten to turn his clock back as required by daylight saving time.



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Sandy Price - 11 October 2011 07:58 AM

Believing that the universe has no other signs of life is acceptable to CFI?  From what I’ve read, signs of UFOs or extraterrestrial life has, in the past been regarded as Gods trying to prove their existence.

CFI has always been a place where we could gather to discuss inquiries of all sorts.  Have I been wrong over the years?

Anything we cannot see or touch is now considered occult?  Radiation?  germs?  lightening?

Not believing E T exists has nothing to do with not believing Earth has been graced with its presence.  The uni or multiverse is so huge we find it difficult to even comprehend such a size so few people think we are all that lives but these same people doubt very much that we would be important enough for aliens to go to the trouble to drop by.  The last time most people thought we were that important also though Earth was the center of everything.  Especially at this time of year, I would suggest that anyone who claims to have seen aliens, or Santa for that matter, considers reducing the potency of their eggnog.

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Dom1978 - 03 October 2011 10:48 PM

Is ufology now a religion?

Personally I wouldn’t call it a religion, even though it might share similarities (in that they’re not based any decent evidence). There’s exceptions though - UFO cults, in particular. Plus certain aspects of the UFO culture are a bit cultish… I’ve heard about “Doctor” Steven Greer (of the Disclosure Project, which seems popular amongst the UFO enthusiasts I’ve encountered) getting a bit weird on people.


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