Inside Planet Earth
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You folks know I get into our planet.  To Touch The Earth and so on and so forth…   

One part of that has been keeping up on the cool documentaries that keep getting made.
Well, yesterday looking for a break from the AGW thing*, I came across a ten part series on YouTube for the first time that’s great fun and informative,
as in containing a few things I bet you never imagined about our Earth’s interior {at least I sure didn’t}.

Inside Planet Earth

Uploaded by PALESTINerd on May 22, 2010

It’s the ultimate voyage our world has to offer: a journey from the temperate surface of our world to the fiery core of the Earth. With the aid of stunning visual effects, the unexplored interior of the Earth is split wide open, giving us an unbelievable view. From glowing seams of pure iron ore to sparkling diamond caverns to the magnetic field that keeps us safe from the lethal radiation of space… for now, this is the fantastical world we live in and never see.

Fun stuff

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* for the curious


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