Interview / Presentation suggestion: Sam Harris
Posted: 23 November 2011 06:45 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I would love to hear one of the CFI intellectual heavyweights discuss / debate with Sam Harris his two recent articles on his website:  The Mystery of Consciousness (parts 1 and 2).  Sam seems to be tippy toe-ing around the edge of mysticism by his assertion that the emergence of consciousness from physical processes must remain forever almost as mysterious as the creation of the universe from “nothing”.  Sounds like he’s getting very close to Eric Kvaalen’s idea that there are some questions that just can’t be addressed by science.  Eric is a frequent theist kibbitzer on NewScientist articles’ comments section.  I suspect some of the CFI illuminati might agree with Sam.  It would be interesting to have this topic beaten into the ground a bit more.  smile


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