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Hi Friends.I am Brijinder,originally from India,now settled in NZ.I am an atheist by choice and love to initiate or participate in meaningful discussion whose purpose is neither jingoism or xenophobia.
  I started reading Koran few months back.Before that my idea of Islam was what Sufism represents but reading Koran raise some very disturbing and fundamental questions which,I think,are not only affecting the psyche of Muslims but affecting the whole world.But I was saddened to see the almost total polarization ,at radical islam forum,only hate and intolerance is being preached and at many ex-muslim sites,only Islam bashing is going on.What i want a meaningful debate so that a new breed of people who can bring about an honest questioning among the people they know or the people they come across.It is about secularization of Muslim culture,about making them involved in the rebuilding of the society on the foundations of renaissance values.
I equally pose the questions about the new radicalization of Hindus in India which is an ominous warning to take action before they hijack the country and youths’ minds.I was born into a sikh family and my questioning against the radicalization of religion started in 80’s when Sikhism was hijacked by few militant Siks bent upon bringing their vision of hatred and intolerance as representative of Sikh society.
Basically i am a poet.My mother tongue is Punjabi but i fell in love with urdu though as yet I can not read and write it properly.Got two two books of poetry published.

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Brijinder welcome.

My knowledge of Islam is extremely limited, but as I stated in my post to Brad above.  IMO, all religions are human inventions and can be used for both good and evil depending on the use particular humans puts religion to.


Gary the Human

All the Gods and all religions are created by humans, to meet human needs and accomplish human ends.

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Hi, glad to have you here, brijinder.


“Sometimes in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark.” ~ Iris Hineman (Lois Smith) The Minority Report

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Hi Brijinder, Welcome to the Forum

  Brijinder says: “I equally pose the questions about the new radicalization of Hindus in India which is an ominous warning to take action before they hijack the country and youths’ minds.” 
  Most of us agree that Christianity and Islam initially spread by peaceful means, but then as their numbers increased and they became more powerful, the spread of religion could be more efficiently accomplished by simply killing those who opposed the religion.  The religion itself effectively takes on the characteristics of a living organism – the purpose of which is to spread, multiply, and eventually dominate the planet. 

  The purpose of religion is to hijack your mind so that you will propagate the religion - but I thought that the religions of India were relatively peaceful.  How has Sikhism become more radical?


If your belief is true, the data will confirm it.  If your belief is false, then you need faith to believe it.
Religions that demand respect the most - are the religions that merit respect the least.
If you are offended by attacks on your religion, then your religion has programmed you well.