The Threat of Fascism
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Hey guys. Would love to get your input on this…

On September 11, 2001 the unthinkable happened. The United States of America were attacked on their own soil. Since this tragic day there has been a sentiment of suspicion towards Middle Eastern people and especially those of the Muslim faith. Very well understandable in the immediate aftermath, but the perceived threat of Islam towards Western society TODAY, more than a decade later, is at best ridiculous and at worst a self-fulfilling prophecy born in paranoia.

Every day I look with hope, and lately, given the massacres in Syria, with pain, at the Middle East. (I am for intervention there, as in Lybia. - But either way, it’s a region giving birth.) - Not entirely comparable to the European Renaissance but still birth pangs that will have lasting influence. - Lasting influence of a renewed “Muslim Empire” I am told. Soon running over the glorious civilization of the West with its humane Christian values and hold on the true truth of the true religion. - I’m sorry, but I don’t believe this. It’s nonsense.

Why the fear of a Muslim Empire anyway? In case it would come. Weren’t we all forced to accept Christianity in the first place? Think Constantine. Think Charlemagne. Think Saxon resistance. Think inquisition. Think the Americas without the Conquistadores. - It’s a matter of time, not of truth. And time is moving ever forward.

But anyway, there’s no use talking about Islam or Muslim neighbors. Any thinking person knows the truth. What is cause to worry is not the Middle East. Certainly not in the West. What is cause to worry is the deep-seated barbarian blood slowly being heated by people seeking their fifteen minutes not knowing what the hell they’re dealing with. If there’s any threat towards Western civilization in the near future it is its own deep-seated fascism. A multi-national coalition of hate-filled racists. And every country has them and they’re more than happy to co-operate. (Heine’s reminder of Teutonic rage and Pascal’s cheerful religious murderer have not lost their meaning.)

The hate- and fear-mongers hammering the danger of Islam into people’s brains (most notably on networks like Fox News) might do so believing they’re helping “liberty”. What they are doing is feeding Thor.

America is not really beset by this fascist danger. Everybody here comes from somewhere and if there’s one nation on earth nearly absent of racism it’s the USA. (With some rural exceptions.) - But Europe is a different story. The French are deeply French and so are the Germans. The Polish are Polish and the Russians Russian. Nationalism is not multi-cultural as in the U.S. Nationalism is ethnic and it’s “pure”.

I believe in the good in human beings. And I’m so silly as to believe in a better world. A world based on love and reason. A world that was accepted, finally, after bloodshed unspeakable, even by the “barbarian” Europeans. And they’re its model output today if you forget about the nutty underground - The same will happen in the Middle East. In time. Maybe a long time given impatient thinking, but a short one looking at history. - There is this human blood-bond and rage deep inside. It’s in every nation and people. It can be conquered, and it can be revived. Let’s conquer, not feed it.

Any feedback on these thoughts?

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Isn’t this a duplicate post?


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Yes, duplicate to HERE. Locking the thread.



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