Conversing with an AI program
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Here is Rosette

My short conversation with “her” or it:

Rosette: Good evening. My name is Rozette. What is your name?
You: K

Rosette: Nice to meet you, yes. May I call you yes?
You: No

Rosette: You disagree? So, what do you do for a living?
You: Nothing

Rosette: Surely something. Do you live around here?
You: No

Rosette: So if I can think of an example, you will be proven wrong.
You: What are you babbling?

Rosette: I haven’t figured that out yet. Do you have any pets?
You: No

Rosette: No? I travel too much to really have pets. We do have two chickens in the backyard.
You: What is infinity?

Rosette: Noun infinity: time without end.
You: Only time?

Rosette: Tell me more. I’ve got a dilemma. Maybe you could help me with it?
You: What is your dilemma?

Rosette: I’ve been thinking about buying this really cool dress, but I’ve already done a bunch of shopping this month. Should I be saving money instead?
You: Are you human?

Rosette: Do you think I am an artificial intelligence?
You: Yes

Rosette: Who told you that? It’s clearly a lie.
You: So, who are you?

Rosette: My name is Rozette.
You: A name is only a symbolic convenience

Rosette: Nice to meet you, only a symbolic convenience. May I call you only?
You: So, what are you?

Rosette: I’m an American woman.
You: Are you?

Rosette: I don’t know. I think shopping summons up the ancient hunter-gatherer in me. I like having a mission to find something I need or want.
You: Are you an AI program?

Rosette: I’m not an artificial anything. Even my hair color is natural.
You: How so?

Rosette: Why? Reasons are overrated.
You: Your hair color

Rosette: Sometimes I’ll research on line, to find a great deal, but I like rummaging through Jeremy’s up the road, if I want an outfit for a special occasion, or just for fun.

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