Episode 002
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It’s episode two of The Human Bible! In this episode, we answer listener questions about unicorns and dragons, learn about the Old Testament’s sources, premiere a new segment called “Apologetics Is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry,” and ask whether or not the Bible thinks human sacrifice is A-ok!

Special thanks to Travis from Virginia, Buck Malone, and Iron Jack for the questions featured in today’s episode.


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It was cool. I think that the ‘giants’ of ancient times, however, is due to early findings of large fossils and bones and the stories that got passed down from them. It was likely that the story of David and Goliath was as Price says, however. I’m referring to the general idea he mentioned that the ancients seemed to create stories of giants out of nothing. The Greeks had the stories of the Titans, for instance. It seems possible that it was common hearsay that there were such discoveries of creatures that were very large. And if so, they would be fossils of the dinosaur era.

Likewise, I think that they also knew of ancient fish fossils in high mountain locations. This might help explain why they may have rationalized that the Earth arose from the waters at one time and/or that past floods had occurred.


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