Norm Allen - Science, Humanism, and the Black Community
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Great show!

The show reminded me of a time many years ago when I met an African American woman who was a single mother with three kids who had different last names.  She was on welfare and obviously lived in poverty.  She was talking about the lord this, and the lord that, and I thought, what has the lord ever done for you?

I liked that the discussion pointed out that while Dr. King was obviously a Christian, the civil rights movement has had its share of people of other faiths and of secular people.

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I was already reading The Black Humanist Experience when this episode was posted, so hearing Norm R. Allen was a treat. I’ve since ordered African American Humanism: An Anthology and look forward to reading it as well.


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Norm Allen

Another good podcast, I found what Norm had to say about slavery and religion very interesting.  It was a piece of that particular history which seems important to look at, given the interrelation of black culture and religion in American society since slavery began, through to the present.