04.15.12 Hollywood & OC - Junk Science: The Holy Grail of the War on Terror
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The Feed Your Brain Lecture Series presents:

Junk Science: The Holy Grail of the War on Terror

11 a.m., Sun., April 15 – Hollywood; 4:30 p.m. – Costa Mesa

Just how great is the danger that terrorists will secretly construct and then detonate a nuclear bomb in a major city? Would a “dirty bomb” really kill thousands?  How much plastic explosive is necessary to take down an airplane? Is it feasible to mix the fabled “binary liquid explosive” in an airliner restroom? Finally, if all this mayhem is as easy to accomplish as we have been led to believe, why hasn’t there been a single incident of mass murder by terrorism on U.S. soil since 9/11?

In researching his new book, Who’s Winning the War on Terror, author Richard E. Wackrow concludes that most of the thinking behind the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies’ efforts to protect America from the specter of terrorism seems to be based on the fanciful science of Bruce Willis movies. In his talk, Wackrow also will look at how acceptance of this sloppy science, from citizens to the national government, has nurtured the growth of a terrorism-industrial complex that devours resources that could be used more intelligently elsewhere, keeps a majority of Americans in a continuing state of anxiety over the possibility of another major terrorist attack, and thus accomplishes the goals of terrorism itself.

Wackrow is a retired print journalist living in Montana. A former reporter and editor for suburban newspapers in several markets, as well as a writer for the Dallas Morning News, Entrepreneur magazine, and other major publications, Wackrow has been appalled by what he saw as the excesses, waste and civil liberties violations resulting from a war on terrorism. He emerged from retirement in 2005 to establish a Web site concentrating on Fourth Amendment issues, resulting in the writing of his meticulously researched first book.

$8.00 for Adults; Students $4.00 - Free for Friends of the Center

11:00 AM
CFI-Los Angeles
4773 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

The lecture will be repeated at 4:30 in Costa Mesa.
Costa Mesa Community Center
1845 Park Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA