Intellectual Laziness (2)
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Religious fervor. Incurious worldviews. Intellectual laziness. Unreason. These are the problems that threaten the future of civilization as sloppy thinking and superstitious nonsense spread their tentacles. Even the skeptical community has sometimes been negligent in their responsibility to fight these ills.

But there is one man who has something to say about it.

In this Fish Tumor Productions exclusive, Shafreel finally breaks his silence about today’s most important issues as believers and skeptics alike are called out and held accountable.

Comments and discussion are welcome and encouraged. Just remember, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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Yea, but seems to me,
refusal to accept that we(one) can’t have everything we(one) want or dream of.

Disinterest in self-examination or considering that one’s own opinion deserve to be revised…

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right, well it seems to me, that the above issues influence what people are willing to be aware of.
Plus, seems to me that since the Nixon years, there has been a strategic effort to influence folks and ply them with Jesus-talk, to fill their heads with all sort of “Faith-based” crap and foment resentment and distrust for science and “environmentalist-lefty stuff”

For an example the whole “Right To Life” abortion demonizing has more to do with emotionalizing people into a particular political camp, than any thoughtful concern or consideration for the actual personal dilemma/tragedy abortion is.

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