Thoughts on scientists and god-fear’n layperson attitudes
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I was mulling on some of the comments{mainly Doug re Science/Consensus/Skepticism} in that “Cold-Fusion” thread when a bout of diarrhea of the keyboard struck.
Let me toss it out there . . .


Learning the rules of science is difficult, exercising the process of serious science is overwhelming for most. 

First involving the incredible task of disciplining one’s (usually young) mind, the college level stuff that needs to be learned and remembered, is astounding.
And not just remembered, but remembered in an organized fashion for fast efficient retrieval. 
After the education, the ability to construct good questions and thoughtful strategies for investigating one’s particular question. 
Add to that, the disciple required for doing research, the focus and contemplation and tenacity and patience upon patience required for sampling and data collection. 
Add to that, keeping that data organized and one’s objectives clear enough to explain, and convince a community of independent skeptical experts. 
Add to that many more qualities I’m not mentioning.
The amount of brainpower, and personal spirit, needed to be that kind of disciplined is awesome and is something that regular folks should respect. 

{That does not make scientist super-men/women, they are as human as the rest of us, yet it does mean they deserve respect for their abilities and accomplishments and we depend on them and the knowledge they have worked at collecting.}
~ ~ ~

It is tough to be a real climatologist, a real expert! 

Let’s get real for a moment: How many have that sort of talent or discipline and tenacity to succeed in a tough scientific community.
~ ~ ~

I keep wondering why do so many people seem to find it so easy to allow a bunch of transparent manipulators to have their way in painting a global body of scientists as scoundrels whom we can disregard. . .  if their data is contrary to our economic pipe-dreams?
~ ~ ~

What kind of mind would want to do that kind of damage to our society?
If they aren’t evil, then they are ignorant and blinded by self-obsession.

It defies explaining, beyond perhaps, that humanity never did have what it takes to move beyond base instincts after all…   after all, rationalizing our base desires and reflexive reactions seems all we’ve actually accomplished over the past few tens of thousands of years.

Proud contempt for our planet’s billions of years in the making Biosphere
along disregard for our society’s utter dependence on the well being of that biosphere,
a sad state of affairs to be witness to. 
I though we had more in us than that.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There’s no challenge to being an obnoxious contarian-skeptic adolescent poking holes in all one clearly does not understand.  Yet, give such dilettante advocates mega million dollar megaphones, and it’s appalling the damage they’ve been allowed to reek.

. . . that small handful of over-top, reactionary mega-rich sociopaths have so easily derailed mankind’s future.  Pathetic and enraging and absolutely nothing anyone can do so long a people are kept occupied with their God, Heaven, Salvation egomaniacal fantasy.

Mind you that does not preclude some higher power,
But, as for presuming to “Know God’s Will” . . .
that is the ultimate of crazy egomaniacal notion, and the root of our downfall.

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We need each other, to keep ourselves honest

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Interesting point, CC.  There are many areas of mental specialization.  For example, playing a musical instrument, speaking a given language,  or writing poetry are a few.  Learning science came easily to me as a child and student, however, none of the others did.  While people with no technical training or understanding can quite easily reject scientifically documented data and conclusions is if they just as skilled as the scientists who worked in the area, those people do recognize that they can’t play an instrument, speak a foreign language, or write decent poetry. 

It’s similar to workers criticizing management and feeling anyone could do that job.  While there are a great many incompetent managers, to do a good job takes a real skill, usually outside the awareness of the workers. 

I’m guessing, but it may be that when we all speak the “same” language, everyone thinks they can do the specialized tasks just as well as those trained in the area. 


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