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Should man rule over women for women’s own good?
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As history would tell, men should rule. However in our world right now, the mind of a women has been very helpful in decision making.

History provides many examples of men ruling, who were responsible for terrible atrocities.  Certainly, we have far fewer examples in history of women ruling, but I don’t buy that just because that is the case, that this is the way things should be, now and forever. 

It seems to me that women can be as capable of ruling as men, if not more so.

A sign that things are changing in Pakistan.


I think there is a good marriage match for Batman now smile


Say: He is God, the Unique.
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Quran (112: 1-4)

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Go! Burka Avenger, Go!  Keep your hands soft and your senses sharp!

(However, Burka Avenger cannot marry Batman.  Batman is not Muslim.  Things may be changing.  But I don’t think they are changing to that degree.)


As a fabrication of our own consciousness, our assignations of meaning are no less “real”, but since humans and the fabrications of our consciousness are routinely fraught with error, it makes sense, to me, to, sometimes, question such fabrications.

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