GREECE ranks among the witches of Salem
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Germans plunge Europe into a new Medieval Era.

Protestants have once again taken up their favorite sport, witch hunt.

Are they ready to take that risk ?


Authored by Panagiotis Traianou

Witch hunt is a protestant prosecuting tradition. It is a tradition that has allowed the powerful Protestants to control their societies through intimidating and terrorizing their members. They have been successful at that by creating the ultimate anti-paragon which they punish in the cruellest and most inhumane way, so that it can serve as a warning lesson for everyone else. They turn a terrified society into a mob in a regimented manner in order to get a message across to the disputers.

It is a simple trick. You kill someone – even unfairly – and you bring to heel an infinite number of others. It is like what the daughter of the protestant pastor did when she said to George Papandreou that “the Assistance Program for Greece had to be a sore point, because they wanted to make sure that no one else would want to try it out.” From the very beginning, it had been decided that Greece should be punished in such a cruel way that would turn it into a teaching example for a terrified by Protestants Europe.

This is the reason why the now notorious Schäuble – having a sadistic obsession and taking pleasure in – reminds and warns us daily that it is inevitable for the Greeks to swallow the bitter pill of pain. This is the spirit of the German leadership and the German press has taken on to disperse this spirit to the German rabbles; to the protestant rabbles, which is the best raw material for creating a mob in Europe.

Under the cries of Bild newspaper, the new witch hunt has began in Europe. This time Greece is considered to be a witch; the land of the lazy people who live at the expense of gentlefolks; the land of the crooks who live at the expense of the honourable people; the land of the tax frauders, contrary to the rest of Europe which is the land of tax payers.

Bild’s readers who constitute the illiterate and religiously zealot part of society needed nothing more to get whipped up. It was enough for them that the legitimate German and protestant authorities had pinpointed the cause of their misery. It was enough for them that the authorities had found the cure as well as the disease. It was enough for them that the leaders of their faith had pinpointed the sinner who posed a threat to the virtuous people. They have a thing for authority and uniforms and it hadn’t been long before they took the torches and started seeking for the witch of the Aegean Sea in the dark…...


All these people should know the boundaries within which things are moving. If they are determined to lead Greece to its death they should be aware of the potential Greece has to harm them in turn; the potential it has to lead them to their death as well – and we do not only refer to financial damage but to non-reversible strategic damage as well. If they open the Aeolus sack they should be aware that there is no lee harbor for anyone. If they open the door to the nuthouse for the Greeks, they will join them as a whole. Things are simple. If they manage to convince Greeks through their idiotic actions that they are irretrievably and irrevocably helpless, they will drive them to the edge of despair. Desperate situations demand desperate measures, though.