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Favorite podcasts?
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I’m not sure if all of mine officially Podcasts, but in addition to some of what you people listed, here’s mine:

Equal Time for FreeThought
SETI: Formerly called Are We Alone?
NPR: Science Friday
Naked Scientists
NPR: Sound Medicine
NYSA: Science in the City
AAAS: Science Podcast
Mayo Clinic/NPR: The Health Show
IEEE is loaded with stuff

PBS: Second Opinion
PBS: History Detectives
Sex Talk with Sue Johansen
Healthy Body, health mind
PBS: Zonya Foco
Science channel: How its Made
Science channel: Build it bigger
PBS: Rick Steves
and more…

Wow Coldheart Tucker, that’s quite a list.  Thanks for the links, everyone.


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Coldheart Tucker - 22 June 2012 09:25 PM

NPR Programs
Le Show—Harry Shearer (aka Mr. Burns from The Simpsons/Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap) takes a rather scathing look at the week’s news.  (He really hates Rupert Murdoch and the Army Corps of Engineers, BTW.)

Harry can get on my nerves, but holly molly does he announce the news those bubble gums over at NPR NEWS keep skipping over in favor of their diet of feel good blahblah.  But, than again it won’t make you feel as good as 8 minutes talking about the latest wannabe’s up’n coming struggles.

He does regular update on AGW’s latest, ok nothing cuddly their.
He also keeps up on the Japan Nuclear accident, and the news in not good.
And has had some worthy in-depth shows dedicated to the F Bomb, “foreclosure” and our banking system, even worse news there.

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