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Hello everyone

Love listening to The Human Bible podcast, always very interesting.
Oh, I like his corny ‘impressions’, too.
As for this making the talks less ‘serious’ to christians, oh, please….we’re talking about people who believe in a deity that can create the entire universe in a blink, but not protect one child from abuse?
So, not only am I being asked to respect this illogical view, but now Mr Price cannot be himself?
I like his impressions not because of their accuracy, but because it is Mr Price being Mr Price. 
I know some lovely christian people of course, but that’s because they’re just very nice people, and not because they are ‘christian’; they take the parts of the bible that encourage them to be decent people.
My parents were secular, but encouraged my brother and I to attend Sunday School as young children to make up our own minds, and many years later (for a reason I never found out) also took me to a church when I was about 12….the look in the guy’s eyes gave me the willies (translation; scared the shit outta me) and I never went back. Then again, praying to a god just seemed so foreign to me.
I was agnostic for years, then the late, great Christopher Hitchens finally got me off the fence and I became an atheist.
The bible has some superb examples of how we can live together better (who throws the first stone?), it’s just a shame it’s surrounded by dogma and superstition.

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