Where to suggest radio show topics?
Posted: 13 December 2006 05:32 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I occasionally come up with some topics I would like tackled on the show. Is this the place to give suggestions for such topics? If yes, maybe a new forum ([i:c42f036459]Suggestions for the show[/i:c42f036459], perhaps?) is a good idea?

Forgive me, but because I have not found such an ‘arena’ I will post some such topic suggestions here right away. Feel free to ignore them, or perhaps move them to a more appropriate place:

The latest question that popped up in my head was if it is possible to believe in the soul without religious arguments? Biological reductionism seems to talk against this, as far as I can tell, yet several secular or atheist people do not seem uncomfortable with the concept.

On a perhaps related note; what areas of life and/or reason among secular people has humanism (or just science in general?) identified as still affected by the religious paradigm or the paranormal? I.e what beliefs are there among "many" secular people that, upon closer inspection, have a base in old(?) religious/supernatural beliefs and have not been brought up to surface and are thus not questioned. A concrete example could perhaps be the idea of sin connected with sex (although this is clearly debated, but it wasn’t previously). Another may be the idea of a ("non-religion-based") soul as asked about above.

...and, on a related note to that; is there a humanist agenda on how to bring up these unquestioned beliefs ("if any") ?