Atheism+ San Francisco, a CFI Network partner
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Hi, I am Thothifex, an Atheist.  I am busily putting together a new organization to collaborate with CFI San Francisco.  I would like to join the existing CFI SF group at activities like SkeptiCal, SF Atheist Film Festival, RAM whenever they run their next event/prank/protest etc.

I want to move the site of the A+ meetings from Bay city to city to build the foundation Bay Area wide for CFI (and American Atheists to a lesser extent.)

Beyond my philosophical leanings, I like meet and greets at much as the next guy, and hang in Berkeley too much for a person who lives in SSF.

Please contact me if any of this strikes your fancy.

Our first ‘meeting’ if you want to use that word, will be at an Atheism and Sexuality event in SF on November 17th.  More details will be posted, I’ll be speaking there with Greta Christina and others much more notable than my mumblings.  Regards!