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Statistics on Post-Modern haters of Evolutionary Psychology?
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Another thing rather typical for post modern thought?
When I grew up postmodern thought had entered our
school pedagogy? and so on. They had the notion that
every human has the ability to learn anything if one
just gave the right instruction and time to practice and
it had to do more with motivation and dedication and hard work

They refused to accept that one could have inborn deficits
making it impossible to learn some things.

Take music. They trusted that anybody can play if one
just give them good role models and detailed instructions
and a good teacher that motivated the pupil and then
practice practice and more practice and the pupil
would be able to play music.

Maybe not on an expert level but good enough to pass as music.

AFAIK they got it completely wrong. That works for those with talent.
You can be highly talented and then it is learned rather fast and get
better and better then you can have average talent for music and
you get rather good can play in amateur groups but almost everybody
that listen to these know them are amateurs but good.

Then if you lack talent for music then some of these due to them
having a charming talent for being funny or cute or entertaining
can fake music enough to get accepted not as a good musician
but somebody doing music for the fun of trying. But most realize
it is the personality that is his her talent and not the music talent.

Then those that lack both talent for music and have average personality styles.

They can not do music. People leave or want their money back or
say it is a scandal or some rip off or a tragic mistake that somebody
did not tell this is not music but organized noise.

I got aware of this when a musician told me that I should not do music
in public if I totally lack talent for it. I destroyed the melody and the rhythm
and I even fail to make music out of the tune. Then he sang and danced
the tune I had practiced a year and I realize the difference so huge
that I should not force my “music” on others. He where right.

the post modernists where wrong. Some of us do lack the ability
to learn even the simple tunes and rhythm regardless of how many
years we practice on it. We simply don’t have the means inside to do it.

Another example. Muscle response time. Repeating clicking on a button
or a key or some level. The person that fail to get up in speed over
a certain level may have some kind of difference in brain that makes them slow.

I am slow in almost anything. Walking, typing, eating, thinking, clicking double click on mouse.

I almost always fail the double click. I fail to drum the beat to melodies
or to move fingers on keyboard in step with rhythm or mimic a played rhythm
or to sing in step with pace of a tune.

As I get it the postmodernists had a way too optimistic view
on how plastic the brain is. Sure some persons do have a very
plastic mind. They can learn a lot of languages and so on.

I tried to learn a language as grown up but I failed I could not remember
all the grammar and details and words good enough to manage it.

Take English. I have used it now for some 8 hours a day for many years
and for some 4 hours a day for many more years and still I do same
error again and again. It fails to get into the long term memory and habit.

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I almost always fail to write one liners. like this one.
I can only do it if I say almost nothing.
As soon as I try to write something with thoughts
then it get into a whole page.

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