What’s the irony about “Beauty and the Beast”?
Posted: 08 December 2012 06:44 PM   [ Ignore ]
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This always bothered me. What would be irony is something like, “Beauty and the Mouse”. From all I’ve experienced is that for men, being a beast has always been the normal preference for humans in all times. A woman may have pressures to be beautiful but beauty is not limited to things like culture, hair color, or the size of their breasts (contrary to the myths). Men, on the other hand, is universally adored if they are (a) tall, (b) dark hair, and (c) capable of being self-sufficient and supportive of being provisional. And the last qualification is usually most likely if you are (a) and (b) and/or can be forceful enough to command your environment better than others. Sure, other qualities vary. But it seems that there exists a minimum standard that men must meet just to be potentially qualified.

Is this not seen by others or am I delusional?


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