12/12/12 Charity Concert
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Anyone else enjoy the 12-12-12 concert?  (As though it wasn’t publicized enough here’s the link.)  I thought it was a real pick-me-up, what with the troubles lately.  smile  I would like to say that Alisha Keys stole the show, but then when Beetle Paul Mccartney sang with Nirvana, I was just tickled pink.  I love the high energy Rock ‘n’ Roll.  smile  I guess that the Beetle does too, he play some of the softer songs, but played the high-energy “Helter Skelter” and another, then he teamed up with the high-energy band Nirvana.  I thought the combination was great event in Rock ‘n’ Roll history, that a Beetle would join with a 1990’s grunge band.  I’ve never liked the Beetles as much as I do now.  Now the Peter Pan charity is auctioning off some posters and memorabilia.


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