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Hello all,

I’ve been listening to the Point of Inquiry podcast since at least March 2010, and so much of what I hear on the podcast resonates with my own thinking that my registration here was probably inevitable!

I can’t promise to post here often, or to participate much in the dialogue. But the next time my passion is made to bubble by Chris Mooney or one of his guests, I’ll know I can pop along here to shout my applause, or maybe to find an ally with whom I can vent some empathetic steam grin

I’ve been a member of the British Humanist Association for years, and of The Manifesto Club for just a short while, but I’ll bet I’m not alone in this delicious quandary of wanting to share in so many internet forums, yet having only the same 24 hours in each day to do so! I’m also lumbered with a hard-to-defeat tendency to write long long long posts ... so I try to think twice before diving into any ‘exchange’.  So I might just “lurk” more than I write, sorry.

When I do succumb to the lure of a good conversation, I’ll sign my posts as “Colin P.”, and it’s very likely that the times of my visits will be in my body-clock’s time zone rather than in my geographical (UK) time-zone, because - since my retirement - my circadian rhythm has clicked into its natural groove, about six hours behind the ‘norm’!

Although I live in the UK, it’s in the whole world’s interests that the mightily strong “US of A” continues as an unambiguously secular nation.  I’m encouraged that CFI and others (such as FFRF) continue to snip so successfully at the threads of what I call the “intellectual string bags” into which so many otherwise wonderful American minds have been bound ... bound by selectively un-seeing and un-hearing patterns of religious “thinking”.

I’ll be watching our younger populations with great interest over the next few years, as their increasing independence-of-thought is progressively legitimised by the social networks that they own and that they build and maintain.  I predict that a see-saw of collective rationality among our youth will tilt, slowly but surely, towards sanity and reason and a free mind, and away from the fixed, frozen, guilt-fuelled futility of any religious fiction.

Keep snipping at those string-bags!


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Colin P.

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Welcome Colin.  While you and I may not see the end of those string bags, we are slowly but surely becoming a more civilized species which means religions and theism will gradually fade into history. 

I haven’t calculated it, but I’d guess that your six hour UK circadian lag will put you just about in synchronization with one or another of the U.S. time zones. 



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Welcome to the CFI Forum, Colin, glad to have you here, whenever your body-clock’s time-zone tells you to post!



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