How to deal with the writing on the wall?
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You folks know I’m into thinking and reading and preaching and debating and then thinking some more about the Anthropogenic Global Warming thing - don’t ask me why, it’s what’s in me.

Now I know that we as a society knew the basic outlines of the situation, that is our Grand Geophysical Experiment, in the seventeens, early eighties at the latest. 
Sure exact predictions could not be made, but jeez the direction of change was one way and the science behind the physicals was solid.

Here we are, I’m 57, four decades of watching life unfold and situations developing that scientists conjectured back then - unfolding with a relentless tempo.
And I look around and the air waves and virtual world of the internet is still flooded with deceivers and idiots doing their dangdest to confuse and stop any kind of proactive learning or action.
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I’ll keep trying to call out the liars in my own way, but it all seems more and more futile all the time. 
The changes we witness are slow but relentless and obvious to all who dare to look.
Yet those powerful PR makers and shapers continue feeding the lazy public bromides and distractions.
We can’t even collectively agree that this is really happening and that it is deadly serious for our society’s future, it’s like few care enough to even think about it.  So sad.

From what I’ve seen about the science it’s inevitable that historic geophysical global heat distribution patterns will be pushed past certain thresholds and into entirely new climate regimes.  Now I don’t see much difference between one decade or a quarter century or even a half century.  Makes no difference how long before the climate becomes intolerable, the nightmare is that date is arriving faster than anyone could have ever feared imaging.  And we continue to do nothing like mesmerized reptilian creatures rather than thinking humans in damage control mod.

So we continue bumbling along unable to do anything to slow the speed at which we are altering the composition of our planet’s thin insulating atmosphere.

Climate change will knock us on our asses and then run right on over us….......... at first we did nothing, then nothing we do will be enough. 

So now my question:
What’s the psychologic or spiritual bridge to help a thinking person come to terms with that reality of our future?


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Good question, CC. I think there’s a relatively good chance we’ll figure out some way to muddle through. Perhaps world governments will come together to hatch some scheme like putting up satellites to block part of the sunlight reaching Earth, or some such thing. But clearly, there’s also a relatively good chance things could get pretty bad, and that we will not ‘muddle through’ in any reasonable way. Then we will be forced to “come to terms” with a changed and worsening climate.



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There are times when our species needs a good swift kick in the ass to get moving in the right direction, in this case solving the problem of anthropogenic global warming. Hurricane Sandy began to wake up the sleeping populace at least along the coast and I doubt that those unfortunate citizens will ever deny it happened because of global warming. The word will spread and people will look to their governments to “make things right” for them. When the Midwest begins to dry up and weather patterns get permanently hinky the rest of us will push for solutions and tell Limbaugh go to hell. meantime, we need YOUR continued input by chipping away at the complacency here. You have no idea about the impact you’re making by keeping the debate alive on the Internet, Facebook and other mass media sites. People are starting to listen and look at the problem as Chris Christy did. and when another hurricane hits turning people’s lives upside down with hopefully no casualties, then more will begin to listen and turn off the nay-Sayers. It’s unfortunately inevitable that another disaster will happen but it will hopefully wake people up to the reality that we’re all going to have to face, even the deniers. Of course, they’ll blame the government for not having acted sooner, then beg for relief money.

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Go to “Wikipedia—Yin and Yang”—third paragraph down;

This is one of the first philosophies of the world,

and is Practiced and can be Practiced now,

Do you include yourself when reading or typing ?

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  So now my question:  What’s the psychologic or spiritual bridge to help a thinking person come to terms with that reality of our future?

My reply in Anathanius Cosmological Argument may help you find your faith.

Heat death is the future of this universe.  God said He’d never flood the earth again but He didn’t say He wouldn’t burn it. 

Truth is hard to swallow but it does help us grow up.

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rodin46 - 24 October 2013 05:02 PM

Heat death is the future of this universe.  God said He’d never flood the earth again but He didn’t say He wouldn’t burn it.

I do not think “heat death” means what you think it means.

The heat death of the universe is the time in the far future when the universe has reached its state of maximum entropy. Think about the words “heat” and “death”; the death of heat. The universe will be very, very cold when it reaches heat death.

As for CC’s question, the only thing I can say is keep fighting and don’t let the bastards get you down. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible. When I am on my death bed I do not want to look back and wish I had done more to educate people about AGW. Yes, we’ll probably lose the war against the energy companies and their lying think tanks, but quitting is not an acceptable alternative. At least future generations will realize some of us tried to make a difference.


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