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Spam cell phone calls >:(
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We keep getting calls from phone slammers who speak Mandarin. I answer the phone “habla espanol” or “sprachen sie deutsch”.

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Re: cell phone spam.  You might find some relief by changing carriers.  Changing your number might help (a pain, I know, but it might be worthwhile in avoiding spammers who have your present number on their lists).  Some carriers are better than others at filtering out spam.  ATT offers a way for you to report specific spam to them for investigation but I don’t know how effective this is. i don’t have much of a problem with cell phone spam because I use a pre-paid phone (a dumb phone, I’ve heard it called) and seldom answer it—something my friends and family are aware of.  I’ll call or email back if I get a valid message from someone I know. It works for me.  I realize this is of no help for someone with a Smart phone but there might be others like me who would rather simplify their lives.  It avoids a great deal of the frustration of modern life. 


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