Philosophy of Existence, Links and Elementary Particles
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Do reason and reasons for reason, faith and faithful for faith, come from the same placeā€”our thoughts;

Are thoughts the effect of intellect, emotion, sensation, physical objects——is this our life—-

Is our life an effect of nature, is nature an effect of matter, space, time, observation, transformation—-

Is this the only representative of existence for us—- as functions for the cosmos universe?

Philosophy proposes our-existence interacting with knowledge-will provide understanding for Being here!

Also, What do we do with Qualia from Neronal Ocillations; Light Wave-Particle Duality from Relativity;

and today CERN announced “the particle “Linked” to the “Mechanism” that “Gives” Mass to Elementary Particles”, ref: NPR 3/14/2013 (Linked Mechanism Gives)

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More meaningless drivel. 



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