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Testing and spreading the truth
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Arthur, I looked In on your site and skimmed through a few or your entries and it appears that you are taking a subjective approach to history as motivated by xtianity. Your first entry however, is confusing in that your claim of a god creating the universe can’t be substantiated, or are you parodying xtian thought? Also, as to writing a book on the subject, you had better be prepared to expand it to a series. Remember, it took Will and Ariel Durant 11 volumes to write a history of civilization and there’s lots of room for digression. But it is an interesting subject to trace through history from early Roman xtianity to today. Good luck!

Cap’t Jack

Christianity is the most powerful force on this Earth at the moment and it cannot be ignored in any analysis of history, post 313AD.  The destruction of civilization Europe by christianity’s ‘dark ages’ and the simultaneous disappearance of budding civilizations in the Americas looks like an interesting subject to pursue.  I see a vast destruction of historical records and all existing technology ocurring with the creation of christisanity by the Romans.  I know that they controlled the slaves with imposed poverty, ignorance, and terror which is probably the reason that all technology and the history of it was was completely suppressed and destroyed. Perhaps there is a fact that the Romans were making inroads into the Americas that far back that has been suppressed and destroyed.

You are going to need to become familar with Rodney Stark’s writings defending the positives of Xtianity in the Roman period.  “The Rise of Christianity”  “Cities of God” The Victory of Reason”  These will give you an idea of what the serious critics of your position will use against you.  i would be interested in your responses as while I don’t entirely agree with Starks I do think that all religions including Xtianity has there positives as well as negatives.

I have found every apparent ‘positive’ of christianty to be a weapon against human freedom of some kind, for example, if you examine it deeply enough you will realize that christinity’s “sin” is an exact synonym for ‘freedom’ and christianity’s primary task is to remove all of your sins.  Everything it does is designed to force you into an exactly controlled lockstep where you become a biological robot.

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Sounds like a Dentonian “blind spot” to me.

” One of the surprising discoveries of modern psychology is how easy it is to be ignorant of our own ignorance.  You are normally oblivious of your own blind spot.”  Daniel C. Dennett -Breaking the Sell-Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.  Pg.31


Gary the Human

All the Gods and all religions are created by humans, to meet human needs and accomplish human ends.

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