THE religion ~ reality INTERFACE
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. This grew out of another thread
“News Flash: WUWT’s Anthony Watts claims all Christians believe Bible 100% Inerrant”
but. . . . . . . it fits better over here…

let me ask you:

Have you taken the time to read any of this little trilogy? 
Just curious because given your assertions above, I wonder what you would make of the following…

There They Go Again….....

What is Sciences Sin?

God flowing into the Word


How many times do lies need to be exposed
before we have permission to trash them?

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Just a quick comment before I take more time to think on an elaboration:  It’s almost startling how much better you do in those three posts of striking a tone that will appeal to the undecided reader.  I’ll disagree with a good portion of your main point, but as communication this is much more effective than our examples from the other thread.  Grats.  More later.