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Just a thought: I wonder if UFOs in classical and medieval Europe also got attributed to witches. I wouldn’t be surprised, and it’s probably the case that pretty much any time someone sees something flying around that they don’t understand, the natural reaction is to use whatever experience and stories that they have to explain it. So, in that period, some sightings might be witches, some might be saints, some might be phoenixes, and so on.

That’s entirely possible if you’re referring to witches (and warlocks), but mostly they took it as a sign, either a portent of doom or favor by the gods. In Williams’s case it was considered a good omen. The stories changed to fit the heavenly phenomena, some positive, some negative. BTW, Andrew, you ever heard of the Nebra sky disc? It’s the oldest depiction of the moon and stars found so far. It was uncovered in Germany in 1999 and dates to 3,500 BP. It clearly shows the moon in crescent and the Pleiades although anthropologists aren’t exactly sure just it was used for, probably agriculture or religious ceremony.


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