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Snowden nominated for Nobel Prize
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Folks are just pissed because the punk proved himself smarter than the fat heads. 

excuse the irreverence

No, I myself maintain a healthy belief in Nationalism CC.

Is that something like MY COUNTRY RIGHT OR WRONG?

Sorry for the delay on this response CC?
It got lost in the shuffle.

Absolutely not. It’s nothing like that. Bradley manning is in prison for treason. That’s the law.
I’m not for the eavesdropping. However I recognize that the government is trying to detect threats.
I recognize that the methods they use could lead to foiling these plots.
I also recognize that these plots could very well be possible.

Now if you were put on watch to guard against a possible threat that could result in deaths and destruction
what would you do?  Knowing that if you slip up people will die and you will be remembered as the person who let those people die.
What would you do?

Edward Snowden running off with our secrets to China and Russia is not exactly the best course of action. That’s not whistleblowing.
Like previously stated he could have gone to any newspaper in the world.  He could have released that stuff to any newspaper and remained anonymous with his computer skills it looks like.  And stayed in the US.
No, he ran off and gave the secrets to China and Russia.  Now he wants to come back.
So on a personal, emotional level I view him as a baby. A whiner.

I would like to discuss nationalism, however you’ll have to initiate that discussion. Nationalism isn’t a bad word. It has many iterations.


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