Joe Hoffman, get him back to talk about historical Jesus
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DJ’s guest on 12/29/06, R Joseph Hoffman, mentioned at that beginning of that show that he wasn’t going to go into his doubts about an historical Jesus, because the topic of the show was "The Scientific Study of Religion."  I’m still agnostic on whether Jesus existed or not because I don’t know enough about it, but I’d be very interested him returning as a guest to focus on that question.  If it’s so clear that Jesus existed, what is the historical evidence that mythical Jesus proponents are sweeping under the rug?

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Well, we’ve had something of a discussion on this topic on the forum. Check the religion folder.




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Historocity of jesus

Yes, I too would love to here a POI episode discussing the historocity jesus.

I also would like to here some scholars take on Luigi Cascioli’s book “The Fable of Christ”.

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