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Write4U - 08 October 2013 04:30 PM

I have trouble with the second paragraph.  What role did the Big Bang play in a universe that has no beginning or end?

The BB could be only one particular event in a universe with no beginning or end which implies an infinite universe wrt space and time. There could be other BBs in such a universe.

IMO, Bohm tried to create a fundamental state of the universe in a non pertutbative way, a state of timeless latencies and potentials.
A state of pure potential from which all causal events emerge.

Consider process philosophy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Process_philosophy

In opposition to the classical model of change as accidental (as by Aristotle) or illusory, process philosophy regards change as the cornerstone of reality — the cornerstone of the Being thought as Becoming. Modern philosophers who appeal to process rather than substance include Nietzsche, Heidegger, Charles Peirce, Alfred North Whitehead, Robert M. Pirsig, Charles Hartshorne, Arran Gare and Nicholas Rescher. In physics Ilya Prigogine distinguishes between the “physics of being” and the “physics of becoming”. Process philosophy covers not just scientific intuitions and experiences, but can be used as a conceptual bridge to facilitate discussions among religion, philosophy, and science.

Bold added by me.

If change is “the cornerstone of reality” and time is associated with change, then time is fundamental in the universe.

Bohm’s philosophy of reality is process philosophy.

But as to wholeness, if you claim that the universe is all there is, then BB was the beginning and the universe is expanding or contracting, and has boundaries. The effect of the release of all universal energetic potential in a single mega-quantum event.

If the universe is all there is and it is infinite wrt space and time, then the BB is not the beginning as the infinite universe has neither beginning nor end i.e. it is boundless wrt space and time.

But the implication and apparent probability for this event was already Implied in the timeless Potential field. An infinity of little possibilities, just waiting for a “change” (not a chance) to become expressed in reality, little blips, such as our Big Bang, bubbling up , existing for a few billion years , eventually disappearing into the eternal state of Potential.

Whether the “timeless potential field” can be considered to “exist” is a moot point, if time and change are fundamentals in the universe.

Bohm’s “Holomovents” of an impersonal metaphysical wholeness seems satisfy both the objective physical science as well as the subjective spiritual experience by an observer.

That may be so. It is an open question.

btw, I am not arguing for a greater physical wholeness outside the universe, but the potential that allowed for expansion (inflation) of this universe.

If so, there is no conflict wrt the universe as the whole.


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