Drones in the U.S. - New regulations, lots of questions, could lead to some fun skeet shooting.
Posted: 11 November 2013 05:54 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Saw this story in PopSci today. Who knows what the future holds for these things although its good to see the FAA starting to address the privacy issues. There are lots of questions to answer obviously but with all the inter-neighbor conflicts you see on TV or read about in the paper I can see how this could easily become another tool for one neighbor to torment another ( taking photos, harassing, dropping things on your head, chasing your dog, and who knows what else a creative mind will come up with). I think they need some stipulation in the law that any drone flying less than say 1,000 feet in the air and hovering over your property is fair game for target practice. That could actually be fun.



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