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Court Rules Against Some Tax Breaks for Churches
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Lois - 30 November 2013 02:53 PM

Hpwever, if there is a law that no one gets exemptions for housing (the only way such a law could pass constitutional muster) it will have to affect the humble preacher who spends his money on things like soup kitchens as well as the mega-church preachers who live in luxury,  and journalists will choose to illustrate their stories by showing how oppressive such a law is to the humble preacher. They are less likely to write about the ones shamelessly exploiting the system.


I get the good reasons for picking the battles.

But, if a preacher really is *selflessly* giving their all, they will be living the life of a saint by example: in squalor, giving everything resource they come across to promoting their God message and leaving nothing for themselves. Such a person would scoff at the need for a tax break for unneeded housing.


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