suggest renaming affiliate groups
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Maybe this has been thought about already and decided against for whatever reason, but I think that it might be beneficial for student groups affiliated with CFI/On Campus to just [i:2f05ecbe6c]call [/i:2f05ecbe6c]themselves "CFI/On Campus" instead of the situation being "Our student group is named x, we’re affiliated with the Center for Inquiry/On Campus", with mainly the intention of getting the name "CFI" out there more often.

Sorta the reason why I say this is that I saw on my college’s list of student organizations "Christians on Campus", and thought that maybe it would be better if atheist/freethought clubs affiliated with CFI would simply call themselves "CFI/On Campus" and get the name out there, not to mention the broader implication that these groups are more organized and better networked rather than a looser confederation of separate groups with similar goals.

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Good thought. Thomas?



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This is a great idea but one that is hard to work with existing groups who newly affiliate with us, since they already have a name. It is something we encourage with all new groups we help found. More university administrations are looking to CFI as a resource for major events and great programming as we have more and more campus wide major events, just as our campus groups look to us for promotional and educational resources, in addition to grassroots and organizing training. So having groups everywhere identified with us by name only helps increase our impact. Thanks for the suggestion!


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