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Child Immigration
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Most of them are children, escaping intolerable conditions in their home countries.  Should the US welcome them with open arms as some people claim we shpuld welcome asylum seekers from south of the border?  Suppose these refugee children start showing up on US borders and in US airports? What would we do with them? Would they be any less deserving of food, clothing, shelter, education, medical services, eventual jobs and US citizenship than the kids arriving on the Texas border from Central America now? Many kids are being held in refugee camps in Europe amd Africa under intolerable cnditions, no education and no future. Most would probably plead for asylum in the US if they could. Do we turn our backs or impoverish ourselves and our country by taking them in as many suggest we do with the asylum seekers coming across the Mexican border? All asylum seekers face terrible conditions and are deserving of help as much or more than the Central American children appearing on our borders.  What do we do about them?

The central question for most naysayers is what happens when the faith based organizations run out of food, clothes and shelter? What then? The government steps in with financial aid (taxpayers dollars) thus encouraging more immigrants seeking a better life. We have several choices, turn them around with a sandwich and a bottle of water and send them on their way back to grinding poverty and possible death from stray bullets, process them as potential citizens and find them suitable employment, invade their country as we have countless times, prop up a puppet government and send financial aid to stabilize the area, send in advisors to build factories, improve farming conditions (fair trade coffee farms comes to mind) or spend millions on a mega fence to shut off immigration completely. In the meantime their numbers increase daily as does the pressure on the Administration and the Congress.

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