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Discovering molecular realities via beer
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garythehuman - 09 August 2014 03:43 PM

OK.  I’m off on a walk to a couple of the local churches, to further investigate this subject.

Good luck, whatcha drinking… must conform to experiment parameters blank stare

Hey, send me a toast on the completion of my horse loafing shed,
Man the stories I could tell.
Particularly some of the happenings since the horses showed up Wednesday,
You see I been sleeping out in the field (well this one is a yard more than field) (incidentally,  the horses and I have known each other 2.5+ years, so there was that familiarity),
well, this area (Corrales, NM) has a lot of horsie people with their horses,
and holy moly (most of us are familiar with the dog telegraph a la 101 Dalmatians - and this area has that in overload…)

But, ever heard of the Horse Whinny Telegraph?
Because I witnessed it a couple nights running, as the two new comers became acquainted with the neighborhood -  I think last night everyone was over it.
and that was just the beginning of the interesting happening these past day. 

I never quite realized that whinnying is for real communication between horses.

Ah but it’s been many days of marathons and I’m good for another beer and the sack.


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Drank Molson’s Canadian and Labatt’s Blue, seemed to accomplish the purpose.

I have no horses but one Black Lab and baby sitting my son’s pit bull.  Still have to pick up the poop. confused


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