for atheists and agnostics who don’t need gods…
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[b:bad607ecf7]Here’s one we all ought to be reading![/b:bad607ecf7]

After the Deluge by Chris Carlsson

A teenage arsonist threatens a partially submerged mid-22nd century San Francisco. As a Public Investigator "tryout" seeks evidence across the utopian city full of canals and veloways, the political and social conflicts of a society based on generalized abundance and commonly held wealth are explored. Here’s a vision of post-economic life with the pleasures, pain, and confusion characteristic of the human condition across historic periods set in a San Francisco strangely familiar and yet dreamily different. When there is no such thing as private property, what is crime, and how does a utopian society protect itself from bad behavior? Should scientists be as free as artists to create? What is a "free market" for work without money and commodities?

After the Deluge is a dream of an intelligently organized America in a coming century. Yet far from a dry polemic, the work presents its arguments through a mystery story both intriguing and revealing, and delightfully full of humorous touches. Here are compelling, flesh-and-blood characters with often contradictory points of view, culminating in a final chapter as effective and arresting as any I have read in decades.
█Daniel Steven Crafts

After The Deluge deserves a wide readership for its vivid blueprint of a sustainable direct democracy set among the still-familiar human cultures and neighborhoods█enhanced by greenways and canals█of the City by the Bay.
█Laura Lent

A provocative and speculative journey to the Bay Area of 2157… more an imaginary treasure map than utopian-by-the-numbers blueprint… [b:bad607ecf7]After The Deluge is for atheists and agnostics and activists who don’t need the goddess to get their revolutionary groove on[/b:bad607ecf7].
█Anu Bonobo


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