Hello from Seattle!
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Hello Everyone,
I’ve been listening to a variety of podcasts the last couple of months, my favorites being "The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe," "Skepticality" and Penn Jilette’s podcast.  After listening to a Sam Harris interview on "Skepticality" I did a search to find more info on him and ended up here.  I’ve had a great day listening to episode after episode of POI.  Frankly, I haven’t spent much time the last few years engaging myself in critical/intellectual thinking, but I’ve made some changes in my life and feel energized and intellectually curious in a way I haven’t for some time.  Being the daughter of an atheist father and mother who was kicked out of church for getting knocked-up, religion wasn’t exactly a huge part in my upbringing.  I’ve never defined myself as part of any religious faith but I’ve never felt intellectually or emotionally comfortable to label myself as atheist/agnostic/humanist/spritualist etc.  I have my convictions that focus primarily on personal and social responsibility.  I plan to continue listening to POI, reading the forum and perhaps posting on occation.  I’m always interested in gaining perspective from the knowledge of others.  Thanks, seattleseeker


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Welcome, SS.  Hope you find some things of interest here, and hope to see your ideas.


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Yes indeed. Welcome, and enjoy!



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