Disease Mongering in the Media
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Anyone out there agree with me that a small proportion of the population without real reasons, are stretching the healthcare systems of the advanced world? We seem very keen to challenge soft targets like the religious right. What about for example, the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome lobby? How much is this "diagnonsense" going to cost? The CDC is now saying 4 million Americans are affected..



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Welcome, Onlooker.

Do you know Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to be nonsense? Based on what evidence? So far as I can see (though these are of course far from exhaustive) it isn’t up on Barrett’s Quackwatch site, or The Skeptic’s Dictionary , to take two high-profile examples.

If the CDC is behind the diagnoses, that is at least strong prima facie evidence that the medical community believes that the syndrome is real.



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