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God is Sin
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I disagree in the sense that I don’t think that “sin” is entirely dependent upon the concept of God.  God is an idea.  Sin is an idea.  But for me, a “sin” is a crime against my conscience, against my moral code if you will.  Littering is a “sin” to me, for example.  But I think this is just an argument about definitions.  If you define “sin” as a “crime against God”, then obviously you’re right.  But it’s a tautology.

Probably netter to call it non-existent rather than supernatural. I don’t believe in the supernatural.


[color=red“Nothing is so good as it seems beforehand.”
― George Eliot, Silas Marner[/color]

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I have always supported this general concept.

God is omnipotent
God created everything
Therefore God knew everything that was to happen and every Sin to be done
yet he created everything anyway

So every evil act, every terrible thing, every ounce of suffering is all God’s fault

this also means that prayer is meaningless as everything that will happen is due to God’s will, which he knew at the moment of creation.

this means there is no such thing as free will

luckily it is all nonsense and there is no reason to believe any of it

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