"right of center"?
Posted: 07 March 2007 12:28 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I was a bit shocked to hear DJ mention on the latest podcast that his political views tend to be "right of center".  While assigning social and economic views on a single axis is ridiculous (I prefer the Political Compass), I am curious as to what he meant.  What passes for "left of center" in the U.S. is still pretty conservative/right.  Anyway, it’s killing me. Is DJ a social conservative? Libertarian?

I’m assuming he must be a Libertarian (the U.S. version, which is basically support top-down, undemocratic, unaccountable institutions - mini tyrannies - because that’s how people will be most "free"). It seems that lately, a lot of people who have shed their old religion fill the gap with good-ol-Libertarianism. I think I’d rather them stick with Christianity. I’m serious.

Anyway, apologies to DJ for assuming anything about his comments.