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I, attempted to answer your question, last week, but for some unknown reason it did not go through, I will do so now. If you would, I would have you take note this post, as all my post deals not in humanistic explanations, they go beyond that, and thus, to received the true value of this, which values are for the purpose of growth beyond the words written here, you must free yourself from the box the universal human mind says is real, and which also say you cannot go beyond. But there is nothing in this universe greater than your will of being because your will is an emanation of the only will the universe is conceived in Consciousness.
It is often said whatsoever a man can imagine, can be accomplished. Now all men imagine, which leads to dreams, which leads to hope, which is the crossroad of activity to fulfill the dreams, or inactivity which leads to failure and being unfulfilled. Most of man’s life, irrespective of the activity, is a clear trail of shattered dreams, broken promises, incomplete endeavors, and aloneness and fears
Men cannot seem to grasp their minds are finite, nor the truth that their minds does not have a permanent conscious memory of the infinity of their life, before birth, and after death. Neither do men realize their dreams and aspirations are levied on a scale of opposites which never finds grounds for balance. So all men live their lives from an imaginative disposition of conditions, which are based on the proposition of birth, living within the bounds of birth, and fading from the active life of physical living because of death. This is the reality men acknowledge, believe, and imagine their destinies are enveloped in, through, and all around.
The origin of man is Spirit, because Spirit is the underlining substance which the entire creation emanates from. Whatever man’s human imagination presents, or have presented to man in thoughts, projected imagined visions, of fictitious interpretations of reality, never can man reveal the truth of his Being to his self. Any thought, any projected imagined vision, or fictitious interpretations of reality which the mind and imagination present to the man, are always conditional to matter, and matter, in and of itself, is not real
All that men consider to be good and evil, positive and negative, or understand as cause and effect is based upon their conscious awareness of those conditions as they have been instilled in their minds. It is those instilled beliefs in conditions which keeps men from realizing they are Spirit Beings, or how to touch and become one with “Christ in them, their hope of glory.”
Everything men do is done under the enclosed umbrella of their visions, feelings, and because they believe they cannot touch the invisibility of themselves, they become judgmental to conditions of degrees perpetuated by their universal human minds which has enslaved them to materialism. This enslavement is the cause of man’s belief that the perfection of God has changed from the complete, whole, perfect, and pure form of Spirit, to that of a structure of finite matter. In this structured belief, men believe they become independent from the governing Principle of the “law of the Spirit of life,” to their own dominating ego’s of self-righteous pride
These are the selfish dominating ego’s which hide behind prideful selfishness, and present to other men a unit of collective concern called organization. These organizations are presented for display in the forms of family units, churches, businesses, and government; not to mention educational institutions. The reality of these organized units alienate the collective unity of the whole, because they break down the inter-dependency of the whole, to become the selfish individualized unit of self survivors.
These selfish individualized units of self survivors come to believe their minds are a creative power, and their flesh an instrument of importance; neither are such. However, because it has been instilled in their minds “whatever the mind can imagine can be accomplish,” they step off into their own imaginative devises, which their thoughts produce, of false fictitious forms of illusion which appear to be solid matter. With this said, the problem we encounter, and seek resolution of can never be solved by the universal human mind; the collective engagement of the thoughts of that mind, nor individualized thinking, because it is the mind which forms the problems, and it is the mind used in attempting to solve those problems. What you have is mind forming of itself, that which it is attempting to dissolve; mind battling mind
But a mind imbued with truth sees the true forms of Spirit life. Forms which are different from the forms our human imaginations project. Transcending forms, as the form Jesus took on the Mount of transfiguration. Transcending forms not subject to the laws of nature; man’s laws, nor the laws of birth and death. Forms which cannot be held in a tomb; they rise. Forms which are absorbed in nothing but light; light exploding into life; life exploding into life. Forms which can “behold the glory of God.”
When a mind is based in concept of imagining how creation came into being, that mind is in condition form, and the possessor of such a mind believes God is not the only power. This is the human mind. It is ignorant to truth. This mind lets its imagination
enslave it to illusions, and dictates those illusions to be acknowledge as real
We can be delivered from this enslavement, but only by truly feeling for God. Should we truly reach out, or that should be within, to touch God, we will touch the Christ who is the inner door which, once stepped though, will lead us into the presence of Spirit consciousness. That Consciousness commanded to shine out of darkness. That Consciousness which is the light, and life flow of all existence. Should we step into this light, it will consume every portion of the flesh mentality which has enslaved us, and free us from the illusion of our slave-master’s grip


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